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The Boston based rock and roll band, 3 Parts Dead, will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe, 22-24 Clinton Street in Boston on Saturday night. Headlining the show will be well known Boston guitarist Ethan Brosh and his band who will be debuting their new CD.

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  • The Ethan cheap wayfarer sunglasses Brosh Band is an intense hard rock instrumental band, featuring the guitar as the lead instrument. Brosh, the group's leader recently released his second record on legendary drummer Carmine Appice's record label "Rocker Records" after taking his band on the road to be the direct support act for guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen last spring. The band features three other world class musicians: John Anthony on drums, Giorgio Mongelli on bass and Nathan Montalvo on guitar.

    3 Parts Dead is Mike Patton on vocals and guitar, Mike "Fitz" Fitzback on lead guitar, JC on bass and Ramon Miquilena on drums. 3 Parts Dead was born from the ashes of Pretty Little Suicide who had much success opening for Motley Crue and sharing the stage with Slash. They also played world famous festivals like Rocklahoma and Rock N America, received worldwide FM and internet radio play and were featured in international publications like Classic Rock Magazine.

    But after several line up changes, the band lost it's momentum and came back together with a few new faces in 2013 with a heavier sound and a new name. These guys came together because they like to rock and they like to hang out. Their sound, is dirty rock and roll!

    A CD release at the Middle East nightclub in Cambridge and an explosive show at the Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles, California (my old stomping ground) has this band starting off with a bang.

    Examiner spoke with Mike Patton, lead vocals for 3 Parts Dead.

    Examiner: Pretty Little Suicide had much success in the world of rock, how many of the original band members are apart of 3 Parts Dead? And, how has the band changed?

    Patton: "Technically cheap fake oakleys all of us. The final PLS show was actually with the current lineup. I played with PLS since it formed (or maybe re-formed, depending on how you count). JC (bass) joined up a year or two later. Then when Ed (lead guitar, and also vocals for the last year or two) quit and left us in the lurch with some shows still booked, Fitz stepped in one lead guitar and I took over singing. Izzy (drums) moved to Oklahoma, and Ramon stepped in. At that point, we were writing new material, had a new lineup, and basically figured we were a new band - hence the name change.

    As far as how things have changed? Well, we have a lot more fun now, and I'd say we have a harder/groovier/more modern sound. PLS was kind of a throwback 80s rock act, and I think we've started moving away from that in 3 Parts Dead (although we definitely still have some of that flavor in there)."

    Examiner: Are you guys still playing rock and roll or is it rock and roll with an edge?

    Patton: "Ha ha, all of the above! It's definitely rock and roll and we definitely have an edge."

    Examiner: Tell us about your music and what it takes to write your songs? Is it lyrics first and then the music or vice versa?

    Patton: "The writing process varies by song. Typically, we'll be hanging out at practice and Fitz or JC or I will just start playing a riff, and the rest of us will jump in and see where it goes. When we stumble on a riff that we all dig, we'll flesh it out and feel out the structure and whatnot. But it also happens where one of cheap sunglasses us will come in with a riff, or with a complete song, and the rest of us will take it and put our own twist on it.

    As far as lyrics go, usually we write music first and then I'll write the lyrics to fit. But sometimes I'll either have lyrics already written that work, or I'll write some lyrics or a melody and then write a song/riff around that. There's no set procedure, but we definitely all contribute to the process."

    Examiner: Tell me something that you've never told anyone else?

    Patton: "That's tough. Well, I can't promise I've never told this to anyone, but most people probably don't know that I used to have recurring dreams about alligators hiding in my driveway."

    Examiner: What kind of music do you listen to in your car, at home?

    Patton: "Mostly rock and punk (like 70s punk, not so much the 90s pop punk shit), but really just about everything. I think the cds in my car changer right now are the Wildhearts, Guns N' Roses, Yanni, Johnny Thunders (or maybe the Voivoids?), The Cardiacs, and Concrete Blonde."

    Examiner: Tell us about your new album?

    Patton: "We basically started writing as soon as we started jamming together, and the EP is the byproduct of that. The goal was to start playing out immediately, so we didn't want to waste any time. We did the record with Jim Foster at Red 13 Studio in Framingham, MA, and we recorded the whole thing live (no overdubs, except some of the leads, and the vocals). So it's pretty authentic to how we actually play and sound - there's no digital trickery there, just gibsons and marshalls."

    Examiner: How was it to play the Whiskey in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve (my old stomping ground)?

    Patton: "It was awesome. We got asked to play New Years Eve with Kix, and that was a no brainer for us. We're all big rock fans, and there's so oakley sunglasses cheap much history there, plus new years eve is always a fun night to play, so it was pretty cool. Packed house, and the crowd was super into it. We're really looking forward to going back there in a few weeks. They actually started inviting us back immediately, but it hasn't worked out for us schedule-wise until now. We're bummed that Slaughter had to drop off the bill, but are pretty excited that Stephen Pearcy (of RATT) is going to be stepping into the void."

    Examiner: What kind of music do you listen to in your car, at home?

    Patton: " Mostly rock and punk (like 70s punk, not so much the 90s pop punk shit), but really just about everything. I think the cds in my car changer right now are the Wildhearts, Guns N' Roses, Yanni, Johnny Thunders (or maybe the Voivoids?), The Cardiacs, and Concrete Blonde."

    Examiner: Upcoming gigs?

    Patton: " 5/31 - Boston, MA - Hard Rock Cafe 6/13 - Los Angeles, CA - Whisky a-Go-Go 6/14 - Las Vegas, Nevada - BB's 6/20 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theater 6/21 - Laredo, TX - Dawn to Dusk Festival and a bunch more, I can never remember our schedule - www.3partsdead.com, or facebook.com/3partsdead to see when we're coming to your area."

    Rock and Roll
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