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On May 27 Wetpaint Entertainment posted spoilers from the set of "The Walking Dead," the AMC drama which is currently filming its fifth season in Georgia. Scripts and scenes are being kept in secrecy, but many fans have been able to snap photos and oakley sunglasses cheap reveal spoilers for the first few episodes. The first episode has been completed and the second episode is several days into filming.

This week the show filmed a car chase scene involving many of the main cast members. The car was photographed with bullet holes in it, and there was another car pursuing it. These scenes were filmed in Senoia, and Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus were both present. One of the cars had a cross in the back window, but it was not the cheap oakleys same car that took Beth Greene.

There have also been scenes involving a stand alone house, which has blood spattered around the front. The house has a steel door and the production was setting off explosions to try to open it. Production later moved to Griffin, Georgia were most of the rest of the principal cast were gathered. Everyone from the train car except the newer characters were filming with newcomer Seth Gilliam.

International Business Times revealed on May 27 that Gilliam was on set dressed like a priest. This fuels the speculation that he will play the role of Father Gabriel Stokes from the comic book series. Gilliam was seen wearing a black suit with a white collar, which is the traditional dress of some priests and matches his appearance in the comic books.

It's possible that Stokes is holed up in the house or he oakley sunglasses outlet is the one who took Beth Greene away from the house where she and Daryl were staying. Gilliam was filming with Bob, Sasha, Rick and Michonne as part of cheap oakley glasses a group, which is similar to what happens in the comic books. Emily Kinney, who plays Beth Greene, has not been seen on set but she will be performing in the Atlanta area this week.

Executive producers have hinted in the past that Beth's story may not be resolved quickly, and even all the prison survivors didn't make it to Terminus in season four. Although the cast has revealed that the premiere episode will be action packed and only two episodes have been filmed out of sixteen. The new season is expected to air on AMC in
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